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Mindful Homes is owned and operated by David and Josie Martin and is Perth’s newest boutique custom home builder. 

They are able to quote on a range of services, including but not limited to, home extensions, home additions, house renovations, top floor additions and second storey additions, and custom new builds.

David and Josie are both passionate about changing the way you build your next home or start your renovation project. With a combined 20 years of experience in the building industrythey have witnessed firsthand the lack of care and respect that clients get from other contractors and builders. Because of this, David and Josie are your main points of contact for every project. 
David is a qualified bricklayer by trade and can be found on your site to supervise tradesmen and offering his skills and expertise to ensure a job well done. Josie will answer any of your questions or concerns and overseeing all the behind-the-scenes work. They will always be transparent and honest with you throughout the entire process.

David and Josie are devoted parents to Hannah aged 8 and Zack aged 4. They aim to teach their children the same strong values they have applied to Mindful Homes. 

Our philosophy

At Mindful Homes, we have developed strong personal values and discovered that the key to building a high-quality home is thorough preparation, frequent communication with the client, punctuality, and hiring honest tradesmen.

We practice a mindful approach to building that ensures good customer service. Our philosophy includes:
  • Mindful observation: This involves observing the environment and building in a way that impacts the environment as little as possible. Our suppliers carry a large variety of eco-friendly finishes and products.

  • Mindful listening: We strive to understand the wants and needs of each client to help them achieve their vision of a perfect home.

  • Mindful quality: We use a calm, clear-headed and well-paced approach to every aspect of the construction process and ensure the highest quality products.
David and Josie’s hands-on approach ensures that you’ll be getting the house, renovation or small home project that you’ve always wanted. 
A locally owned and operated company

What our customers are saying

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"Mindful homes did an amazing job on extending our garage and doing some major renovations to a back room (involving knocking out a back wall and installing a large stacker door). I can't rate them highly enough. Josie and David listened to exactly what we were thinking and gave us ideas about how best to use the space we had in a way that suited us. They also have the best customer service I have ever experienced while doing renovations. Everything felt smooth and David made sure everything went to plan. You can see this in the result, which is even better than we originally hoped."

— Erin Tuckwell
“After initial consulting quotes, we had no hesitation in selecting Mindful Homes to do major renovations to the bedroom, en suite, front entry and alfresco areas. They were as the name suggests, attentive and creative working within our needs.

“The various aspects were finished to plan, on time and of the highest quality. Both Josie and David were excellent communicators and we were left in little doubt that we were in safe hands.

“The end results were way beyond expectations and the final look is most impressive!

“Mindful Homes is an asset to the building industry and would recommend them for any renovation small or big.” 

— Peter Farmer, 5 stars
 “We found just finding a small builder for our garage extension was a bit of a challenge. A builder that we could have 100% confidence in was important to us. Mindful homes quickly put all of these worries aside with their can do easy going professional manner. We are very happy with the final result and would highly recommend them to anyone.” 

— Cheryl Johansen, 5 stars
“Having lived in WA for only a short period of time and not knowing many people looking for a builder was rather stressful so we feel very fortunate to have found Mindful Homes. From arranging initial drawings to sending them to council and getting the required approval everything worked really well, all the tradies involved where very good and easy to deal with. We are so happy with our extension, we had an idea and they made it happen, we are very happy with the whole process and would recommend them to anyone. Dave & Josie communicated well with us through the entire project.” 

— Angela Hughes, 5 stars
“Mindful Homes completed our renovations to our complete satisfaction. Their professionalism and integrity is what won us over. We would definitely use their services again.” 

— Idris K, 5 stars
“The team at Mindful Homes are exceptional in their line of work. I have seen firsthand their finished projects outshine that of others.

“A very approachable team that will continue to see business referrals from myself.” 

— Lauren Georgiades, The Draftsman, 5 stars
Perfect from the very start. Absolutely fantastic to deal with from the very first phone call to final hand over. Building was exactly as I wanted and the work along the way was done in a truly professional manner. Would recommend with[out] hesitation

— Linda Berry, 5 stars

David and Josie are honestly the easiest builders to deal with. We recently completed our home extension with Mindful Homes and the process with these guys from start to finish was just stress-free. Josie was always available on the phone if you needed to ask a question and even offered great suggestions and advice. We were kept informed and consulted every step of the way. It was always a two way conversation with everything including the minor details like where the hot water system should go, instead of just plonking it onto the easiest spot. These guys are genuine builders who care about you and your home. Thank you Mindful Homes, we love the extension and our home.

— Tom and Jess, 5 stars

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The Mindful Homes Blog

Mindful Homes

By Mindful Homes 18 Dec, 2017
There are many building companies in Perth, all with different house plans and business models, which can make it difficult to know who to build with. We have put together a handy list of just some important checks to do before building a new home.

1) If you have a block of land already, your decision of what to build is just as important than if you purchase a house and land package through a  builder. With a house/land package, most builders have a limited selection of designs for you to choose from, although they normally take care of all the finer details for you as the inclusions are standard.

2) Think about what you need and want in a home and take the opportunity to design your home from scratch with those things in mind. All too often people choose standard designs off a plan to save money, but end up with a home that doesn't quite suit their needs. Also, making changes to standard designs can often come with additional charges and costs; you may be better off customdesigning your home to suit what you want in the first instance.

3) Consider materials! Living in Australia comes with wonderful opportunities but it also with many challenges. Building companies that are willing to try new and innovative building materials may be better for you than a big builder that churns out hundreds of the same, cookie-cutter homes every year. The rising cost of energy is just one reason to think outside the square with materials that are environmentally sustainable and reduce energy costs. It may be hard to believe, but many homes being built today simply aren't suited to the Australian climate- you are much better off working with a builder who is more likely to try something new.

4) The climate, orientation, landscape and outlook of your block are all unique factors that should be taken into consideration in the design stage. It is important that you know what your options are, and that you work with a builder or draftsman that will give you options. You may suffer in the long run from overexposure to the elements, or miss out on a wonderful view due to being restricted by an inflexible builder or a standard design that doesn't make the most of your land.

5) Have fun! Building and designing a home from scratch does NOT have to be a stressful experience if you choose the right builder. You should be able to request a free site visit so that your design complements your block from the very beginning. Mindful Homes is committed to making sure every client feels special and that their individual needs are being considered every step of the way. We can help you design, build, and furnish your home for less than you'd think! Give a boutique builder a chance today and contact us for a free onsite consultation and quote- obligation free!

By Mindful Homes 06 Nov, 2017
Bathrooms are one of the most searched topics on the internet, and also one of the main rooms in a home that can influence the outcome of a sale. If your bathroom is in need of an update, then read our tips for creating a show-stopping bathroom renovation that stands the test of time!

Tip 1- Plan your layout! If you are wanting to renovate your bathroom because it just doesn't work for you, make sure any changes will actually improve how you use the space; you could end up with a beautiful but expensive renovation that does not suit your needs.

Tip 2- Keep the fixtures in the same place! This can save you money, as moving plumbing can take up a large chunk of your bathroom renovation budget! By keeping the fixtures where they are, and simply updating them with new hardware, you can splurge in other areas. In some cases it makes the most sense to move fixtures around, however Mindful Homes can help you design your space as efficiently as possible.

Tip 3- Think outside the box with materials! Don't go for whatever is in the catalogue or online- for example, ask if there are any tiles on clearance (keep in mind discontinued products may be difficult to find later on if you need to do repairs). Also look for off-cuts for bench tops which can often save you a lot of money, reduce waste, and also give you the opportunity to install materials you wouldn't normally be able to afford! Also shop around for vanities that are on sale, even if they aren't the colour you like, as you can customise them with paint or accessories!

Tip 4- Keep it neutral! Every part of me wants to delete that last part and say 'go wild with colour and texture', but sadly it is true that neutral colours, such as white, age well. This doesn't have to be a bummer though! The best way to ensure you have a unique, on-trend bathroom on a budget is to keep permanent itemsneutral, such as flooring and wall tiles,  and make a statement with things that can be easily changed out with trends. Think along the lines of gold hardware or brushed gun-metal taps and towel rails; you could even change certain items yourself without needing a tradesman.

Tip 5-  Accesorise! Many people shy away from doing anything different in a bathroom renovation, and the result is homes all over Perth that all have the exact same bathroom. This is crazy because when you're renovating or building a new home, it's the perfect time to try something new! Put hanging plants near the bathtub; use a gorgeous rug in front of the vanity to make a statement; install open shelving to display candles or functional decorative items; install a hanging light pendant instead of a down-light or combo light. Basically, find ways to add a design element to items that you need to install anyway, which will really elevate your space to feel custom but won't necessarily cost any more money.

If you are having a hard time seeing the potential in your home, contact Mindful Homes to organise a free onsite consultation, where we can walk you through the process of building or renovating, and help you make your dream home a reality!

Send an email to: Info@mindfulhomes.com.au

By Mindful Homes 30 Oct, 2017
To undertake ANY home renovation or improvement projects can be daunting, and knowing what to do with your space can be a challenge. At Mindful Homes, we help our clients make the hard decisions, such as whether to build out or up, and we have compiled a list of things to think about when embarking on a mission to gain space in the sky!

1. Think about how you currently use your home, and what you like and dislike about it. You don't want to make changes to your floor plan without considering how you live your life. Do you enter through the garage/back door or front door? Do you prefer the master bedroom to be separate from the rest of the house? Once you've got your list of likes and dislikes, you will be in a better position to make decisions moving forward.

2. Is there logic to your current layout and will changing it improve it? Often people can begin renovating before they've thought of all of the options and the end result is a freshly renovated home that didn't make use of the space. Mindful Homes are experienced in all aspects of home building and we can suggest changes you may not have thought of!

3. Consider outlook. If there isn't a great view where you live, don't let that dissuade you from adding on a top floor! Mindful Homes has worked with clients in the past that had gorgeous river views, and clients who lived in suburbia without any views. The goal of building up is to take advantage of the space above your current home, although if there are options to maximise the visual beauty- we will find them! There are lots of options with window technology to enable your neighbours the privacy they like, whilst giving you more light and space in your home.

4. Shop around! We like to think we are your best option, and we are confident once you meet with us- you will want to work with us, however there are many building companies in Perth and we encourage all prospective clients to compare quotes with other builders, if that makes them feel more comfortable with their final choice! After all, knowing you got the best price possible can only add to your satisfaction at the end of the project!

5. Still unsure? Consider your long term goals and also the goals of your local government. Are you happy with the layout of your house, but thinking about downsizing? Contact your local government and ask what options you have, such as sub-dividing. Some local governments are thinking to the future and allowing smaller blocks, especially if they are two-storey homes, as it means more ratepayers for them, and a financial benefit to you! You could sell the front or rear of your property and use the funds to finance an addition to your home to make up for the lost space. 

Contact Mindful Homes today to arrange a free onsite consultation and quote: info@mindfulhomes.com.au

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