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We are able to quote on a range of services, including but not limited to:
Home extensions;
Home additions;
House renovations;
Top floor additions and second storey additions;
and custom new builds.
David and Josie are both passionate about changing the way you build your next home or renovation project. With a combined 20 years of experience in the building industry, they have witnessed firsthand the lack of care and respect that clients get from other contractors and builders. Because of this, David and Josie are your main points of contact for every project.
David is a qualified bricklayer by trade and can be found on your site to supervise tradesmen and offering his skills and expertise to ensure a job well done. Josie will answer any of your questions or concerns and oversees all the behind-the-scenes work. They will always be transparent and honest with you throughout the entire process.


David and Josie are devoted parents to Hannah aged 8 and Zack aged 4. They aim to teach their children the same strong values they have applied to Mindful Homes. 


At Mindful Homes, we have infused our business with our strong personal values. We discovered that the key to building a high-quality home is thorough preparation, frequent communication with the client, punctuality, and hiring honest tradesmen.

We practice a mindful approach to building that ensures great customer service. Our philosophy includes:
  • Mindful observation: This involves observing the environment and building in a way that impacts the environment as little as possible. Our suppliers carry a large variety of eco-friendly finishes and products.
  • Mindful listening: We strive to understand the wants and needs of each client to help them achieve their vision of a perfect home.
  • Mindful quality: We use a calm, clear-headed and well-paced approach to every aspect of the construction process with caution and ensure the highest quality products.
David and Josie’s hands-on approach ensures that you’ll be getting the house, renovation or small home project that you’ve always wanted.