Bathroom Renovation on a Budget!

Bathroom Renovations on a Budget!

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Make sure you read this post!

Bathrooms are one of the most searched topics on the internet, and also one of the main rooms in a home that can influence the outcome of a sale. If your bathroom is in need of an update, read our tips for creating  show-stopping bathroom renovations that stand the test of time.

Bathroom renovation with frameless shower screen and feature tile by Mindful Homes Perth
Tip 1 – Plan your layout!

When renovating your bathroom because it isn’t functional, ensure any changes will actually improve how you use the space. Otherwise you could end up with a beautiful but expensive renovation that does not suit your needs.

Tip 2 – Keep the fixtures in the same place!

This can save you money, as moving plumbing can take up large chunks of a bathroom renovation budget! By keeping the fixtures in place, and simply updating the fittings, you can splurge in other areas. Sometimes it makes sense to move fixtures around, however Mindful Homes can design your space to be as efficient as possible.

Bathroom renovation with double vanity and free standing floor spout by Blakes of Sydney
Tip 3 – Think outside the box with materials!

You don’t have to choose generic items available in store. For example, ask if there are any tiles on clearance that aren’t in the catalogue. Also look online for factory seconds and discontinued items. Although discontinued products may be difficult to find later on if you need to do repairs, it is still worth considering. Search for stone off-cuts for bench tops, which encourages recycling and allows you to have materials you wouldn’t normally be able to afford! Shop around for vanities that are on sale, even if they aren’t the colour you like, as you can customise them with paint or accessories!

Bathroom Renovation with Marble Feature Tile in Melville, by Mindful Homes
Tip 4 – Keep it neutral!

Every part of me wants to delete that last part and say ‘go wild with colour and texture’, but sadly it is true that neutral colours, such as white, age well. This doesn’t have to be a bummer though! The best way to ensure you have a unique, on-trend bathroom on a budget is to keep permanent items neutral, such as flooring and wall tiles,  and make a statement with things that can be easily changed out with trends. Think along the lines of gold hardware or brushed gun-metal taps and towel rails; you could even change certain items yourself without needing a tradesman.

Bathroom with pendant light, rug and accessories, by Andrea Schumacher Interiors
Tip 5 – Accessorise!

Many people shy away from doing anything different with bathroom renovations. Unfortunately the result is homes all over Perth all have the exact same bathroom. This is crazy because renovating or building a new home is the perfect time to try something new! Put hanging plants near the bathtub or use a gorgeous rug in front of the vanity to make a statement. Install open shelving to display candles or functional decorative items or install a hanging light pendant instead of a down-light or combo light. Find ways to incorporate design elements to items that you need to install anyway. Accessorising will elevate your space to feel custom without costing a lot of money.

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