Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Tips

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There is a lot to think about when designing a home from scratch, read on for some handy tips about bedroom design.

Tip 1 – Look into the past…

Everyone has lived in a house before, either renting or owned! Your childhood home or first apartment out of university will bring back memories for you. We recommend using these to consider what you liked and didn’t like about previous bedrooms. Think about their proximity to the bathroom, or if they had their own en suite. Was the built-in storage, such as wardrobes or shelves, adequate? Thinking about houses you’ve come across in the past can help you visualise your new home.

Tip 2 –¬†Important decisions

Bedrooms are used for one MAIN purpose- sleeping! It is important that any planning decisions made around bedrooms have this key purpose in mind. Situating a bedroom too close to an entertaining area can cause disruptions to anyone who sleeps there. If you like peace and quiet, put the master bedroom away from the other bedrooms and the rest of the house. You could also design a nice retreat area with space for a couch and tv.

Master bedroom with built in storage and white furniture
Tip 3 – Space up there…

If you are designing a double storey home, a great idea is to situate your bedrooms upstairs, away from the entertaining areas downstairs. You could also design a large landing area for kids to play and store their toys. If you don’t have kids, the upstairs could be a great place to put your guest bedrooms and a study. You could then keep your master bedroom downstairs for your main living to be on one level. There are many different options when splitting rooms between upstairs and downstairs. The most important thing is to remember how YOU live, and how you would like to go to sleep each night.

Tip 4 – Storage

Bedrooms are important not just for sleeping, but also as private spaces for your child, yourself, or a guest to be themselves and relax. Think desks, pianos, yoga mats- anything that you or your family are interested in, and plan your bedrooms with room for these things. Ensure the storage facilities are enough to store more than just clothes. Items like artwork, school supplies, toys and games all take up a lot of space when they’re in the shared areas. Building a walk-in-robe or robes with clever storage solutions is all up to you when you get to design your home yourself. Of course Mindful Homes has an architect to help you along and make suggestions, and the positives outweigh the negatives in designing a home custom to you. Installing ceiling lights or wall lights, in the place of a lamp, can free up space on your bedside tables for storage, like we did in our Beechboro project. We also installed robes with space saving sliding doors!

Tip 5 – Bathroom

Houses in Australia often have a master bedroom with an en suite, a powder room, and a shared bathroom. This is a great example of the facilities every big family home needs. If you are designing a separate wing for the kids, make sure the shared bathroom is incorporated so they don’t end up using the guest facilities and make a mess!¬†Having an en suite bathroom for each bedroom sounds luxurious, however it can also be practical. If someone needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, they can do so quietly in their own room. Also, when your kids leave home their bedrooms can become guest rooms with their own bathrooms!

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