Garage and Carport Enclosures

Let’s talk Garage and Carport Extensions!

Building a new garage or enclosing an existing carport? Mindful Homes is experienced in both!

If you have an older home in an established suburb, there is a chance you have no garage and only a small carport for parking. If you wish you had more space for your cars and tools, read on for our pointers on garage and carport conversions!

1 – Think about what’s important

Parking isn’t always a priority for everyone. Some people would love a large double garage with room for a workshop, and others are quite happy with an uncovered parking bay. What we can say with surety is most people don’t have enough parking space for everyone in their household. If you are frustrated with the lack of space in your home, Mindful Homes has lots of experience with garage and carport extensions. More people are opting to stay and renovate their existing house, rather than move out or further away from their beloved suburb. If your current home lacks the space you need, we encourage our clients to try and make their house work for them!

Garage and Carport Conversions massive perth Ferrari collection built by Spadaccini Homes in Sorrento.
2 – What’s involved?

If you are building a new home, (with Mindful Homes we hope!) talk to us about incorporating a garage that suits your lifestyle! You might think adding extra space will be too expensive, this is not necessarily true! Basically, we can help you budget appropriately by prioritising your wants and needs and working to find a suitable solution. Whether you commit to a double garage, or simply build an enclosed carport, there are many ways of ensuring you have more space! If you are renovating an existing home, we can design the best solution for your budget! More importantly, even though council approval is needed for garages and carports, Mindful Homes will take care of that for you! There are no quick or easy fixes when it comes to building, make sure you research properly to make sure your budget is realistic! If it’s only a small project, you may find a carpenter or bricklayer will be best suited to the job!

3 – Materials matter!

Many local councils stipulate that additions to the existing dwelling must be sympathetic in style and colour to the surrounding building. Mindful Homes has lots of experience with tying old and new together, to create a seamless extension. Thank goodness for the before photos of our previous projects otherwise no one would believe the extension wasn’t always there! Check out the gallery of our previous projects to get an idea of styles and colours you might want in your garage or carport project. Of course if you’re building a new home with us, we will design everything selected to comply with all regulations and policies.

Garage and Carport Conversions in Canning Vale, built by Mindful Homes
4 – Think to the future!

If you have young kids and are currently living in your forever home, thinking of the future is important. When your children grow up (not too fast please!) they will inevitably learn to drive and eventually buy their first car. That’s a lot of parking to consider, especially if you have more than one child! Consider your current needs, and what you know will be needed in the future, and contact Mindful Homes! We can help you plan and design a new garage or carport in your home!

Garage and Carport Conversions by Mindful Homes

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“The team at Mindful homes gave us an excellent finish for our extension, they were always professional, easy to communicate with and flexible when needed all in all had a very good experience. Would highly recommend them”

– Christine



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