Home Storage Solutions

Home Storage Solutions

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Is your home in desperate need of some organisation? Read on for some handy home storage solutions!

If your home is feeling cramped and cluttered, incorporating functional and well-designed storage solutions is something Mindful Homes is great at!

Tip 1 – Start from scratch

Picture your home as it is, but empty. Mentally (or really) remove the furniture and accessories until you’re down to the bare bones. It might help to draw a diagram or print off a copy of your floor plan. Your goal is to check the current storage facilities available, and see your home’s potential without the restrictions of the existing furnishings. Once you’ve got a good picture of what your house is lacking, you can plan any changes appropriately.

Tip 2 –┬áConsider your current furniture

An easy way to solve a storage crisis is to make changes to the furniture and other low-cost, removable items in your home. If your sofa is bulky and hindering your storage opportunities, consider swapping it out for a modular couch with under-seat storage. If your television cabinet is just a resting spot for your telly, consider mounting your TV on a wall, and/or opting for a unit that surrounds your TV with shelves and drawers. Basically you’d be amazed at how affordable some custom built-ins can be. More importantly, there are ways to change out your existing furniture with more functional furniture that don’t break the bank. Ikea and Kmart are great places to start!

Tip 3 – Space up there…

If you have a cavity in your ceiling, Mindful Homes may be able to quote on an attic conversion. Essentially this can help to maximise your storage space. Having an attic can really help store away the things you don’t need all year round, such as Christmas trees and decorations, spare beds and linen, and sporting equipment!

Tip 4 – If all else fails…

Consider your home’s potential for a renovation. Ultimately you need a house that works for you and your family, within your budget, and without too much inconvenience to get it. Renovating your home can mean keeping your kids at their school, saving on moving costs, and staying in the area you know and love. Changing rooms, like the kitchen and laundry, is a great way to upgrade your storage space. You can integrate your fridge and dishwasher into the cabinetry for a more modern and seamless look. You could also design a butlers pantry to house the appliances taking up valuable bench space. Designing wardrobes with built-in storage is also a great solution in a renovation.

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