House Design Trends

House Design Trends

The word ‘trend’ can be synonymous with ‘here for a good time, not a long time’. Mindful Homes knows some house design trends can easily be incorporated into your next build, and still stand the test of time!

Bold colours

Colour will always change trend-wise, but the good news is a nice dark colour palette is here to stay. Many people are opting to make statements, instead of playing it safe, and we’re seeing this in our projects . Think rich blues, elegant greens, and moody greys, with houses being built to incorporate more natural light, these dark colours no longer suffocate a room!

Bright and bold living room in Notting Hill House by Waldo Works

Wardrobe Make under

The days of open shelving seemed to be over at one point, however this trend is definitely here to stay. Minimising clutter is much easier when it’s on display, and we’re seeing more and more clients opting for open shelving style! Think walk-in-robes that contain wrap around open shelving, and less clunky furniture. The IKEA Pax is still a hit after all this time!

Open shelving walk in wardrobe in South Perth House design trendOpen plan layout

Nothing beats the wide open space and airy feeling of an open plan kitchen, living, and dining area. We have seen some clients opt for a more traditional layout as it seems to work better for their heating and cooling systems. Mindful Homes says that your house should be custom designed to suit your block. With a careful selection of materials you can have a solar passive home that almost needs no artificial heating or cooling! Bring on the open plan house of your dreams!

Open plan house design trends

Indoor-Outdoor living

Another amazing trend we’ve seen lately is the blending of outdoor space with the indoor living space. We see this trend continuing and it’s definitely a great way to add the illusion of a large interior floor plan, by incorporating the backyard with clever use of visual trickery! Think stacker doors and flooring materials that continue throughout the indoor and outdoor space. Of course you also have to consider furniture! Using outdoor modular lounges is another great way to make the outdoor space feel like an extension of your interior.Mandeville Canyon Residence by Griffin Enright Architects House Design Trends

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