Kitchen Renovation and Design Tips

Kitchen Renovation & Design Tips

Kitchen renovation with window splashback by Mindful Homes

Does a kitchen renovation seem out of reach or confusing? Read this post for some helpful tips!

Kitchens are one of the most used and most important rooms in a house. Completing a kitchen renovation can be scary and expensive, but only if you get it wrong! Mindful Homes is here to help.

Kitchen Renovation with wide open bench space and stacker doors
Tip 1 – Make a budget and a wish list!

Decide on a budget, once you’ve done a little research, and make a list of things that you’d like to have in your new kitchen renovation. Once you’ve made a list, try and price each item and edit until you’re on budget. Items like taps, handles, doors and internal mechanisms can be expensive, although it’s important to get cabinetry and counter tops right in the first instance. Simplify your design without changing the overall aesthetic, and save yourself some money that can be better spent elsewhere. Stone bench tops are beautiful, however laminate technology has improved in recent years and can be a great way to get the look you want for less!

Tip 2 – Consider your current layout!

A kitchen renovation is a great way to upgrade your home to add the most value. Everyone uses their kitchen, even if they don’t cook often! Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or designing it from scratch, consider the current layout or the layout in your previous home. Decide if the current layout makes sense, or if changing it would add as much value as it would cost. If designing from scratch, play around with different layouts on a scrap piece of paper or Google kitchens that you like and make a collage.

Tip 3 – Choose a style!

There are many different styles and options for kitchens these days. You can integrate your fridge and dishwasher into the cabinetry for a more modern and seamless look, or design a butlers pantry to hide the appliances you don’t want on display. Every cabinet maker will have options to choose from, such as shaker or slab doors and these differ in cost. Choosing a style is as simple as doing some internet research. It is easy to get the look you want within your budget with simple compromises. Traditional styles tend to have more detail on doors and handles, whereas modern styles can look simple but require more work to achieve the simplicity.

Tip 4 – Keep fixtures and appliances in the same place!

If the current layout of your kitchen makes sense, keep the plumbing and appliances in the same place. This will save you money and make your upgrades easier. New cabinetry, doors or even handles can change the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Tip 5 – Keep it neutral!

If you are renovating your kitchen, consider why you want to renovate it in the first place. Chances are the current style is outdated and requires a modern upgrade. Try to avoid having the same problem in years to come by choosing neutral colours and materials for the back splash, cabinetry and counter top. Of course if you are designing a kitchen for your forever home, then by all means go wild with colours and styles, just remember that trends come and go. One easy way to design a timeless kitchen is to install products that can be switched out as years go by. Pendant lights, door handles and accessories can be updated fairly easily, whereas counter tops and tiles cannot.

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