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Get More Living Space

Not Your Normal Granny Flat Builders

Once upon a time, a granny flat was only for dear old granny! Now, with teenagers staying at home longer, and multiple generations living under the same roof, an ancillary dwelling is a great way to create much-needed space for a growing family. Perfect for a parent retreat or even kids games room, there really is no limit to the possibilities.

Regardless of your budget, Mindful Homes can help design and build the perfect granny flat or ancillary dwelling.

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Standard Inclusions

With All Our Projects

You may have heard this buzz word in project builder’s advertising, which means items provided on every project as standard. Mindful Homes does not provide a list of standard inclusions, and for good reason- every project is different!

Our clients benefit from our individualized, customer focused approach. By not adding items that you do not need or want, we ensure the design and build is tailored to your needs, not the other way around, meaning you truly get value for money.

Granny Flat Considerations

Below are some important questions that you should ask yourself when thinking about designing your granny flat:

  • How many bedrooms will I need?
  • How large should my property be?
  • Do I have a preferred design in mind? (If not, we can help!)
  • What materials should I use for the roof?
  • Will I require a sliding door, or just a regular front door?
  • Is additional parking going to be necessary?
  • What types of windows will I need?
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