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Custom Single Storey Extensions in Perth

You love your home and you’ve spent time and money making it a great place to live, but what if you need more space?

Moving house is a time-consuming and costly process that can be avoided by building a customised home extension.

Building Outwards

The most popular way to extend your home is with a single storey extension. This is usually done by adding one or more extra rooms to the back or side of your home.

You may have to sacrifice some of your garden space, but the extra space in your home will more than compensate for it. If you have a large backyard, you may not even notice the smaller garden, or it may be the perfect solution to the problem of maintaining your under-used garden space.

What to Consider When Choosing a Single Storey Extension

There are a few things you need to consider when deciding if a single storey extension is right for you:

The Roof

The type of roof on your home can determine how your new extension will look. You can have a flat roof on your new addition, which is the easier and cheaper option. Or you can extend your existing pitched roof to cover the new extension and seamlessly blend the two together. The benefit here is that it will look like the rest of the home, rather than an afterthought.


It’s also important to consider window placement for energy efficiency. You don’t want large full sized windows that take the full brunt of Perth’s relentless summer sun.


If the neighbouring homes are very close, remember they may be affected by your home extensions, and even your garden might be affected by too much shade. Large trees can be crowded out or become a problem dropping leaves and branches onto the roof.

Professional Help and Advice for Single Storey Extensions

We offer all the help and advice you need when you want to extend your home. Call Mindful Homes on 0438 972 682, or contact us online to find out if a single storey extension is right for you.

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