Is a Top Floor Addition For You?

Make the most of your space by going up!

Home improvement projects can be daunting. At Mindful Homes, we help our clients make challenging decisions, such as whether to build out or up! We have compiled a list of things to think about before embarking on a mission to gain space in the sky!


Think about how you currently use your home, and what you like and dislike about it. You don’t want to make changes to your floor plan without considering how you live your life. Do you enter through the garage/back door or front door? Do you prefer the master bedroom to be separate from the rest of the house? Once you’ve got your list of likes and dislikes, you will be in a better position to make decisions moving forward. Especially whether a top floor addition is for you.


Is there logic to your current layout and will changing it improve it? Often people can begin renovating before they’ve thought of all of the options and the end result is a freshly renovated home that didn’t make use of the space. Mindful Homes are experienced in all aspects of home building and we can suggest changes you may not have thought of! Worried about how an extension will look? Never fear, we have completed many top floor addition projects and each client approaches it differently. Some like to contrast the new extension and others like to blend!


Consider outlook. While there may not be a great view where you live, don’t let that dissuade you from building a top floor addition! Mindful Homes has worked with clients in the past that had gorgeous river views, and especially clients who lived in suburbia without any views. The goal of building up is to take advantage of the space above your current home, although if there are options to maximise the visual beauty- we will find them! There are many options with window technology to give your neighbours privacy, while bringing more light and space into your home.


Shop around! We like to think we are your best option, and we are confident once you meet with us you will want to work with us. There are many building companies in Perth and we encourage all prospective clients to compare quotes with other builders. If that makes them feel more comfortable with their final choice, then it’s a win! After all, confidence in your choice adds to your satisfaction at the end of the project!