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Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver

Mindful Homes provides custom house plans in Perth.

Get personalised layouts and floor plans for your new home, and when you are ready, we’ll build it for you!

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Why choose custom house plans?

  • Personalised layouts and floor plans

    At Mindful Homes, we design and build exceptional homes based on your needs and preferences.

    Based in Perth, our experienced team consult with you to build the perfect home, including the layout, interior design and floor plan, based on factors like the size of your family, characteristics of your block and your aesthetic preferences.


Your perfect place to enjoy life

When it comes to the overall layout of your home, there are almost no limits! We can help bring your dream house plan to life, whether you want something classic, minimalist, contemporary or eclectic. We’ll walk you through the process and various potential floor plan options so you can make a decision that you’re satisfied with.

The Mindful Difference

Floor plan considerations

The layout of your house must be functional and ultimately suit your lifestyle. How many people live in your home? Will you entertain guests on a regular basis? Are you in the suburbs or closer to the city? What are the current and future needs of your family? Of course, there are many things to consider when it comes to the perfect house plan. Do you want a cosy feel or a place that is more open and spacious? Do you want a multi-storey house? A large deck? Whatever your vision, we’ll help make it a reality.

We’re with you for the long term

When you choose to work with a Perth boutique builder such as Mindful Homes, not only do you benefit from truly customised solutions now, but also personalised service into the future. As a local, family-owned business, our clients can trust in the fact that the same people who built their home will be available to support them into the future. Whether this relates to questions, advice or additional work to be completed down the track, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service, long after a project’s completion

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Latest Projects