Second Storey Additions Perth

A new chapter in your life calls for a new storey in your home

If you are thinking about creating more space in your home and avoiding having to move, consider a customised home extension or addition!

Many people add onto their homes with an extra room or two at the back or side, but what if you don’t have the room to build outwards? Considering all the space above your home, it makes perfect sense to build upwards with a second storey addition.

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Why choose second storey additions?

  • The Benefits of Building Upwards

    Apart from the extra value you’ll add to your home investment, a custom built second storey extension has many benefits.

  • Save Money and Space

    Creating more space by building upwards preserves your precious outdoor space so you can still have an entertaining area or a pool, or a flourishing flower or vegetable garden.

    Second storey additions can often be more cost effective than building out because you’re building onto an existing structure, and almost any type of home can support a second storey addition.

  • Less Disruption

    There are no noisy and invasive excavations and no need for footings, and your garden and fences won’t be ruined by heavy machinery.

    A top floor addition can mean less disruption for the household, and the new extension will blend more easily with the existing home.


Your Custom Builder in Perth

Whether you want a single storey or a second storey addition, call Mindful Homes on 0438 972 682, or contact us online for professional advice on choosing the right custom-built extension to suit your home.

Things to consider when building upwards


When you’re planning a second storey extension, there a few things to consider, and design is an all-important factor. When planning the layout and style, make sure you do it according to your house’s current architectural traits.


You’ll need to be clear on what you want the new space for – do you want an extra bedroom, bathroom, rumpus room, or perhaps a parents’ retreat?


The first thing to consider is the foundations of your home. Can they take the added weight? Will they need to be modified or strengthened? What type of stairs will you have, and where is the best place to put them? If you’re planning on adding another bathroom, you’ll have to consider the new plumbing. Consider additional storage options – you could clear a lot of living space on the ground floor by having storage space in your second storey addition.

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