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As your family extends, as should your home

As your family changes, with children growing older and needing more of their own space, a home that was once adequate may start to feel cramped, dated and not functionally suited to how members of your family live. Many people will consider moving house as their needs change but with Perth home and land prices at a premium, a home extension is likely to be a much more cost-effective way to secure the additional space you require at a price you can afford. As a leading boutique builder with over 20 years’ combined experience creating custom home extensions across Perth, Mindful Homes can design and build a home extension tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

The prospect of undergoing a major home extension can leave some Perth home owners feeling overwhelmed. There are many aspects to consider including how the extension will affect your existing floorplan, what types of materials will complement the style of your home, whether you will need to move out, which trades will be required, any relevant council regulations, finding a builder you can trust and more. Whilst contemplating these things can be daunting, partnering with a reputable Perth builder experienced in home extensions will make the entire process a lot less stressful. As a family-owned, boutique building company, Mindful Homes only works with a select number of home extension, renovation and new home clients each year, allowing us to really get to know our clients and tailor solutions to their needs. And when you consider the time, cost and hassle associated with moving to a new house, creating a home extension customised to your needs presents some real advantages.

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Why choose a home extension?

  • Adding value to your home

    Even a small home extension to add another bedroom, increase the size of your living space or create an ensuite bathroom can add significant value to your home. Why waste money on the ‘dead costs’ associated with moving to a new house in Perth when you can instead invest in your own wealth by making your most valuable asset worth even more?

  • Improving your lifestyle

    Living in a cramped home that lacks storage, privacy and functionality can significantly impact the quality of time spent with your family and friends. By adding a home extension that has been fully customised to meet your needs, you can create a space that is much easier and more enjoyable to live in.

  • Personalising your home

    By investing in a home extension rather than moving house, you can design your home specifically for your family’s needs. Whether this encompasses adding a home office, granny flat, parents’ wing, teenage retreat or simply increasing the size of your kitchen, the choice is yours. Working with a boutique builder like Mindful Homes will allow you to create a home extension that works for your family’s lifestyle both today and into the future.

  • Making the best use of your land

    Over recent years, the cost of homes and land across Perth has skyrocketed. If you have valuable land around your home that serves no real purpose and contributes little to your lifestyle, it makes sense to put it to good use! Creating a customised home extension will not only add considerable style, functionality and value to your home but will also cut down the amount of garden space you need to spend time maintaining.


The Mindful Homes experience

Mindful Homes has more than 20 years’ combined experience creating a diverse range of home extensions across Perth. We take a highly personalised approach to all our home extension projects and work closely with our clients from the outset to ensure we have a clear understanding of what they are hoping to achieve. We take the time to really listen and then draw on our wide-ranging expertise to recommend home extension solutions designed to deliver optimal functionality, value and aesthetic appeal for our clients. As boutique builders, we only take on a select number of home extension, renovation and new home construction projects each year. This enables us to maintain the high level of quality, attention to detail and personalised service we’ve become renowned for.

The Mindful difference

Kitchen extensions

The kitchen is a space that brings everyone in the home together several times each day. If your existing kitchen is lacking in size, functionality and storage this will significantly affect your ability to live and entertain the way you want to in your home. Even a small kitchen extension, as well as a kitchen renovation if required, has the potential to add considerably more space and functionality to your home overall. It’s a widely known fact that kitchens sell houses so by investing in a kitchen extension, not only will you be improving your quality of life in your home but also increasing its value. Mindful Homes specialise in creating fully customised kitchen extensions across Perth. We take the time to listen to our clients and draw on more than 20 years’ combined experience to tailor kitchen extensions designed to deliver optimal functionality, aesthetic appeal and value. From budget-friendly solutions through the latest designer kitchens featuring walk-in pantries, stone benches and European appliances, we are committed to bringing the highest standards of quality and service to all our kitchen extension projects.

Bathroom extensions

All members of the family need access to the bathroom space to get ready for the day ahead. If your existing bathroom is too small for your needs, or you really need an additional bathroom to give everyone more privacy, a bathroom extension could transform the way you live in your home. For many Perth homes, it is often feasible to add an en suite bathroom off the master bedroom by creating a small extension to the side of the home. You may be surprised how much functionality can be squeezed into a relatively limited space and the difference adding even a small bathroom space can make to your everyday life. Whether you’re considering increasing the size of your existing bathroom or creating additional bathroom spaces, Mindful Homes can help. As one of Perth’s leading boutique builders, we specialise in creating fully customised bathroom extensions, home extensions, renovations and new home builds for our clients. We take the time to get to know our clients, understand their requirements and create bathroom extension solutions tailored to their lifestyles, tastes and budgets.

Bedroom extensions

As their families grow and change, many Perth home owners find themselves wishing they had more bedrooms. Whether this is to accommodate young children sharing a room but who really need their own space, to create a teenage retreat, to accommodate ageing relatives or even add a new, luxurious master suite, a bedroom extension has the potential to add considerable functionality and value to your home. It’s pretty widely understood that the more bedrooms a home has, the higher price it will fetch when it comes time to sell. So by adding further bedrooms to your home, you are not only investing in your own comfort and lifestyle, but also your most valuable asset. Mindful Homes has more than 20 years’ combined experience creating fully customised bedroom extensions across Perth. We can draw on our in-depth expertise to assess your home and talk you through the possibilities, including whether it’s feasible to extend upwards or outwards. Our highly personalised approach, quality workmanship and ability to seamlessly deliver end-to-end solutions are just some of the reasons clients right across Perth choose us for their home extension and renovation projects.

Single storey extensions (Building out)

Adding a single storey extension is one of the most popular ways Perth home owners choose to increase the size of their homes. If you have sufficient land, or are looking to reduce your garden size to cut back on the amount of maintenance required, a single storey extension is a great way to add additional space, functionality and value to your home. Single storey extensions can encompass everything from a single room, such as a bathroom or bedroom, right through to expansive kitchen/living/dining rooms that effectively double the original footprint of the home. At Mindful Homes, we work with clients right across Perth to create fully customised single storey extensions designed to deliver maximum style, liveability and value for money. We take the time to understand each client’s needs, aspirations and tastes in order to design solutions that deliver enhanced quality of life whilst seamlessly complementing the existing home.

Double storey extensions (Building up)

If you are short on space in your existing Perth home and only have a small block to work with, then a double or even triple storey extension is a great option! Building up not only has the potential to add considerable space, storage and functionality to your home but also significantly increase its value. By adding a double storey extension to create additional bedrooms, a parents’ retreat, children’s wing or rumpus room, in many cases extra space can be freed up on the original level to increase the size of kitchen and living spaces. Whether you’re considering a modest double storey extension to add one additional bedroom or a complete extension and renovation of your entire house, Mindful Homes can help. As a leading Perth-based custom builder, we specialise in all manner of home renovation, extension and new construction projects. We collaborate with a diverse and highly qualified team of Architects and Building Designers so can tailor solutions specifically to each client’s needs and budget. Taking a highly personalised and hands-on approach, we work with clients right across Perth and bring outstanding levels of quality, service and attention to detail to all our double storey extension projects.

Lift and build under your home (Building down)

When considering an extension, another option that is possible for some Perth home owners is to build under the existing home. For homes that are built on stumps, as opposed to concrete slabs, it is possible to restump the house using much taller foundations, thereby elevating the height of the home and creating additional space in which to build under it. This can be a useful approach for clients wishing to relocate their bedrooms upstairs and create a new and expansive kitchen/living/dining space on the ground floor. Being boutique builders, at Mindful Homes, we approach every project with an open mind; ready to listen to each client’s needs and understand the unique characteristics of their property. We then draw on more than 20 years’ combined experience to recommend the most functional, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective home extension solution. Bringing unrivalled levels of personalisation and expertise to our projects, we are committed to delivering the highest quality results for our clients.

Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver

Mindful Homes is a family-owned building company run by husband and wife team David and Josie Martin. Both qualified builders, David and Josie are passionate about what they do and relish helping Perth clients improve their quality of life through customised renovations, extensions and new home builds. Unlike many of Perth’s larger home extension builders, when working with Mindful Homes, our clients benefit from direct contact with the builders themselves from the initial meeting and right throughout all phases of the design, construction and completion of their projects. With nothing less than 5-star reviews across Google, Facebook, Houzz and Hi-Pages, at Mindful Homes we go the extra mile to make the entire home extension process as seamless, personalised and stress-free as possible for our clients.

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