Open Concept Floor Plan

We unpack the open concept floor plan and discuss the pros and cons of popular home layouts!



Open concept- what is it?

Everyone has heard of open concept or open plan but what does it mean? It’s a term thrown around by architects, interior designers, and home owners, mostly used to describe a home or space with minimal internal walls. Large, open spaces for functional areas, like kitchen and dining, replace the traditional separate rooms. It’s normally fairly easy to convert an existing home into an open plan layout, although structural changes are required to take the weight of the ceiling or floor above. With advances in modern architecture and building design, it’s now easier than ever to create an open layout in a new build!



Cons of an Open Concept

Open concept floor plans in reality can mean higher energy bills! With high ceilings and great, large spaces,  it can be costly to keep these areas cool in summer and hot in winter. This is in contrast to the more traditional floor plan with separate rooms for each activity, meaning you can control the temperature while you’re in the room. There generally are higher costs associated with open plan layouts, as design and construction requires careful planning and sturdier materials such as beams. Open plan spaces can also lack a senses of warmth and comfort that smaller, cosier rooms afford. There can also be a lack of privacy, especially if you have children and adult zones in the same area! Noise could also be an issue for the same reason!



Advantages of Open Floor Plans

One of the best advantages of an open concept home is the opportunity for more natural light than a traditional floor plan. Opening up rooms in the house by knocking out walls will make the space seem larger, but also lighter! Defining zones for each activity can be achieved with lighting, furniture, and anchoring features such as rugs and artwork. An open floor plan also makes communciation and socialising easier, and supervising children a breeze! In a smaller home, have visible floor space not cut up by walls can make a room seem larger and also allow for multifunctional use. An open plan kitchen, dining, living area can be moved around at Christmas time to fit extra guests around a dining table, for example!



So what’s next?

Shop around! We like to think we are your best option, and we are confident once you meet with us you will want to work with us. There are many building companies in Perth and we encourage all prospective clients to compare quotes with other builders. If that makes them feel more comfortable with their final choice, then it’s a win! After all, confidence in your choice adds to your satisfaction at the end of the project!