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Custom designed to suit your home, family or investment needs

Once upon a time a granny flat really was only for dear old granny! Now, a granny flat can be so much more; the possibilities are almost endless.

With teenagers staying at home a lot longer nowadays to enjoy the many comforts and luxuries of the family home, gone are the days they moved out when they got their first job.

More commonly, the family home has multiple generations living under the same roof meaning space and privacy can be hard to find in a home full of other people.

An ancillary dwelling, such as a granny flat, is a great way to create much-needed space for a growing family. Perfect for a “work from home” office, a parent or teenager retreat, an additional bedroom, a movie theatre room or even kids’ games room.

Not only is a granny flat a great solution for the modern family, it can also be a much more affordable, more simplified and cost-effective approach to producing investment income. The addition of a new granny flat really can provide many possibilities.

Regardless of your budget, Mindful Homes are highly experienced granny flat builders and can help design and build the perfect granny flat or ancillary dwelling to suit you and your family’s needs.

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Why choose granny flats?

  • Adds Value

    The addition of a new granny flat has the potential to add value to your home by increasing both the square meterage and living space, making the entire size of your home much larger. By adding additional space, such as a further bedroom, a living room for even an office, the value of your home will increase. Should you decide to sell your home at a later date, then you will most likely achieve a higher sale price.

  • Cost Effective

    The cost to build a granny flat is considerably less than undertaking renovations to your home. For one thing, there are no demolition costs to remove walls and the like to facilitate adding a new lounge or bedroom. Additionally, you won’t have the inconvenience of builders and other tradespeople inside your home and under your feet interrupting your daily living while your granny flat is being built.

  • Versatile

    A granny flat build creates versatility for your home through its many uses. A new granny flat can be utilised as a self-contained home for an elderly parent, to increase living space for growing families, recreational areas for children, or retreats for teenagers or parents. For the self-employed who works from home, it can be a quiet office space free of interruptions away from the main house.

  • Income Producing

    Building a granny flat on your land provides the opportunity of creating investment income and personal tax reductions. You can rent out your granny flat to potential tenants without the usual concerns of having a stranger inside your home, as you would if you were to rent out a bedroom. A granny flat is also significantly cheaper than the cost of purchasing a separate investment property.

  • Simplified Council Requirements

    Local council requirements are less stringent when it comes to constructing a granny flat or ancillary dwelling, than compared to building an entirely new home.

    There are certain requirements of course, which must be complied with such as, the maximum size of the granny flat, total land size and available open space on your land. However, Mindful Homes are well experienced with local council rules and will attend to all requirements on your behalf.


Standard inclusions with all our projects

You may have heard the “buzz word” Standard Inclusions, in project builders advertising, which means items provided on every project as standard. Mindful Homes does not provide a list of standard inclusions, and for good reason – every project is different. We don’t believe in standard. To us, standard means boring and uninspired. What we want for our clients is to feel that we are creating something that is uniquely different; a granny flat that is an inspired space and created especially with their own needs and desires in mind. Standard – that’s not what we’re about at Mindful Homes.

Our clients benefit from our individualised, customer focused approach. We take the time to understand how you will use your new granny flat and create the design around those requirements. By not adding items that you do not need or want, we ensure the design and build is tailored to suit your needs, not what your builder wants you to have. This ensures that you get what you truly want in a granny flat and achieve great value for your money.

Our Granny Flats process

Consultation and Quoting

Meeting with you on site we’ll assess the space and discuss your aspirations, vision and budget for your new granny flat. Once agreement on the conceptual design has been met, we’ll prepare a free cost estimate to give you an accurate assessment of the design and construction cost, inclusive of allowances for your desired fixtures and fittings.

Plans and Engineering

Once you are pleased with the initial design and concept of your granny flat, we then move to the next stage, which is engineering and drawing up of plans. Mindful Homes are the benchmark for building granny flats in Perth and we work with a fantastic group of design and engineering professionals across Perth to ensure our clients experience is a seamless and effortless process throughout.

Final quote, contract and scope of works

Upon the client viewing, making any amendments and final approval of plans, we’ll agree on a start date for your granny flat. At this time, Mindful Homes will also prepare the final contract, scope of works and itemised quote for signing off by both parties. You’ll also receive materials specifications and your final fixed-price cost for your granny flat build.

Council submission and permits

Once both parties have signed-off on the contract, Mindful Homes will commence with all the necessary requirements and paperwork such as CDC, Water Corp application, energy efficiency assessment and BA forms for submission to council. We are highly experienced granny flat builders in Perth and are very well versed in dealing with local councils throughout Perth to ensure a smooth and efficient process to obtain council approval for your new granny flat.

Construction and fixtures selection

When construction has begun, we’ll provide you with details of our trusted suppliers where you can view their showrooms for a vast range of fixtures and fittings for including in your new granny flat. From benchtops, cabinetry, taps, sinks, lighting, flooring, window treatment, appliances and more, there is a great range of materials for you to choose from. Mindful Homes manage the entire construction process from beginning to end and coordinate all tradespeople to ensure a smooth and efficient completion of your granny flat. We additionally, place high emphasis on minimal disruption and ensure your complete safety about your home during construction.


Upon completion of your new granny flat you’ll benefit from our ten-year structural warranty and six-month maintenance guarantee period. During the construction you will be required to make progressive payments as each stage is completed, as per the contract. However, prior to your final payment, we also provide a one-week period for you to let us know if anything needs rectifying before you initiate the final payment.

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