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Stretch out and enjoy the bedroom of your dreams

You spend more than a third of your life sleeping. That’s over a third of your life spent in your bedroom, so doesn’t it make sense to have a stylish and beautiful bedroom you want to spend time in?

The quality of your sleep will suffer if your bedroom is cluttered, stuffy, cramped, or just badly laid out.

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Why choose Mindful Homes?

  • The bedroom renovation specialists

    At Mindful Homes, we’re a Perth born and bred family owned and operated boutique building business, and we specialise in custom bedroom renovations and extensions.

    You don’t have to move house to have the bedroom you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you design and alter exactly what you want in a bedroom, or we can even build a new bedroom for extra guests or family members.

  • Your dream bedroom built for dreaming

    We don’t merely build bedrooms for you to sleep in and store your clothing. We can go much further than that. Are you dreaming of having a walk-in wardrobe? Or do you wish to extend your current bedroom to an en suite? Maybe you’re looking to bring more natural light into a formerly dark bedroom?

    We’ll tailor your bedroom extension or renovation to your needs, and we’ll offer guidance on incorporating the best features to suit your lifestyle.

    We’ll put together a set of plans for your approval and provide you with a contract and fixed price quote, as well as a time frame for completing the project.

  • Minimal disruption

    At Mindful Homes, we understand that home renovations, and particularly bedroom renovations and extensions, can be stressful and inconvenient.

    That’s why we maintain fast turnaround times and minimise the disruption to your household and day-to-day routine as much as we can.

    If you can keep in mind the extra value you’ll be adding to your home investment and lifestyle, not to mention the anticipation of using and enjoying your beautiful custom-made bedroom, then a small disruption will become a minor inconvenience.


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When you’re ready to bring your dream bedroom into reality, call Mindful Homes on 0438 972 682, or contact us online to get started on your new custom-built bedroom.

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Latest Projects